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rayrommy wrote a review about Casino M8trix in San Jose, CA

Clean and nice but no promos

Played here a couple times when I used to work in Sunnyvale and played here again recently this past Saturday. Had to wait 1.5 hours because looks like they can't open more than 5 tables of 1/2/3 which is ridiculous when the line is 20-30 people deep. Last time I tried to play here I didn't get called until 45 minutes but I left already. I sat down and told the dealer I will take the Big Blind but looks like he didn't hear me and proceeds to deal me out. Then I said okay I will take a hand after the button passes me. After the button passes me, the dealer says I need to post $2 which makes no sense at all. Never had I seen a poker room/casino make someone post to take a hand after having the Button pass them. Especially since there is no jackpot or high hand promotions here. The place is clean and spacious but there is so much empty space in between tables, they can set up the tables better and have more tables and more games running especially on the weekends. There is a restaurant, a bar, and cocktail waitresses. Parking lot is large and is only outdoor parking. Competition is your typical low stakes players. If you are by any means competent, you can win but not sure how beatable this game is with this type of format and $7 drop. But obviously no one here in the Bay Area is playing 1/2/3 to make a living. The felt on the tables are garbage here. The cards don't slide on the felt but get stuck on it so you can't slide your cards to the dealer, they have to be tossed. Overall, not a good place to play especially if you are here on the weekend. You will have to wait over an hour, table felt is garbage, and have to post $2 if button passes you. Chips also take forever to come because they don't have chip runners here. I much rather play at Lucky Chances where it is not as clean but at least their tables are nicer and have promos most of the day. At every other casino I have been to Lucky Chances, Graton, Vegas, you are allowed to come in for free after the button. You shouldn't need to post after having the most advantageous position skip you since you are new to the table. If you want a real casino go to Graton on the weekends. Nothing in the Bay compares to Graton. Other reviews don't know what they are talking about.

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Rkmtt wrote a review about Casino M8trix in San Jose, CA

Rick X

Drop should support promos. Tell city to allow If they want to receive taxes. Move to a city that would allow... Read More