wrote a review about Cheers in Salem, NH

great big busy beautiful room

Opening day and a big crowd of 1/2 and 2/4 with a PLO list and a limit list. Excellent grilled chicken sandwich for $5!

Specifics about room
Lightning-- excellent
Sign up board -- very visible
Tables-- top notch
Chips -- beautiful and stackable (not speed chips)
Chairs-- well padded, not adjustable
TVs-- incredible -- everywhere
Dealers -- well trained and experienced
Floor-- everywhere--affable, engaged, knowledgeable
Sound-- muted because of acoustic tiling and carpeting
Sign up -- easy, seamless, quick
Temperature control -- chilly near entrance. Rest of room okay
Smoke -- absolutely none -- not allowed in building.
Kitchen -- items on limited menu very reasonably priced ($5 for burger and fries).
Drinks -- not free for players
Comps -- none yet -- coming in February according to owner
Rake 10% $6 max
Promo drop: $1 at $20
Players? Too soon to tell
Tourneys -- multiple daily
Overall -- among the very few elite rooms in the US

Food and Drink

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