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biglemonade wrote a review about Club Fortune in Henderson, NV

Nice little locals/neighborhood casino.

Nice little room. The people working and playing are friendly. Dealers are pretty solid.

Only complaint I have is that since its such a neighborhood/locals casino, everyone that plays there is pretty much a regular, and if you have 2-3 friends playing together be prepared for the rules to not be followed so strictly.

For example;
A recent time I played, I bet the flop, was raised, so I semi-bluff shoved Top-Top. The player was tanking and was about to fold when his friends at the table were like "What are you thinking about? Just call" and he thought for a few seconds and gave the F-It shrug and tossed a chip in with top two.

Now im not mad about the call, it was a good call. I am mad that the floor(who was watching our table) and dealer were ok with other players who were not in the hand talking and influencing a player in the hand. The players and the dealer/floor were on a first name basis and regulars so I didn't even bother trying to protest, I just got up and left and will not be going back for a while.

So if you come, be prepared to play in basically a home game ran out of a casino. If you want to play something more serious, head over to the strip.

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nice room

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