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2 Tables
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21 wrote a review about Club Fortune in Henderson, NV

What a Great Room

This is a great smallish room, with nice tables, firm if not brand new synthetic felt, comfortable chairs, clean chips and cards, great perks like free dinner food, good comps, excellent dealers, beautiful waitresses, and easy access to the bathroom and the parking lot.

There were a couple of excellent players, a few average players, and then a large number of players who, though regulars, were relatively straightforward and easy to read. (This all being said -- they outplayed me to the tune of $350 my first night there!)

These are among the best dealers I have encountered in a public poker room -- fast, undistracting, experienced, calm, and professional in their demeanor.

Beautiful waitresses, fast and efficient service, and a generally friendly attitude -- these were solid veterans at serving poker players -- knowing when not to interrupt a hand.

Admittedly, small rooms like this, with just 3 cash games and five tables total, are easier to manage than huge rooms. That being said, the management here was just about flawless -- with knowledge of the players, an even-handed, common sense (if not always TDA) way of resolving disputes, without being condescending or heavy handed. They genuinely seemed to enjoy the game, while treating matters of game integrity professionally and seriously.

These are among the best comps I have encountered. $1 an hour comps except when they're $5/hr during noon to 2PM. They rake $3 plus $2 for promotions -- pumping a lot of money back into the game with many, frequent, and small bonuses and jackpots rather than a huge bad beat (it's in the $5K range) -- assuring that the promotional money goes back into play rather than into paying off mortgages, college and the like. Plus free food at dinner time makes this the local players' obvious choice.

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