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Jackof13 wrote a review about Club One Casino in Fresno, CA

An Update on Club One ~

The latest location for Club One may not be as large as it was downtown, though this place is coming around slowly but surely. The environment is pretty chill, (except for during sporting events), the staff are mostly awesome, and the games that are running are run fairly well. Security staff are mostly awesome. Food and beverage service, likewise a plus, though prices are a bit on the high side.

The only issue that I have with this casino is that it doesn't run as smoothly as a big city casino, nor offer the quick gratification 😎 Maybe I've gotten spoiled. Yet there are many occasions where I'm on the list with fourteen other potential players waiting and waiting to play, but can't for lack of a dealer. Also, I selfishly yearn for a regular high/ low Omaha game, but all they have these days is BigO. Sucks. If I wanted to gamble on luck primarily, I'd may as well play the lottery. Tournaments are great, thanks to Eric and Co.
But, but, but--- they still need to work out the glitches if they ever want to rate higher than a B.

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