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9 Tables
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Any Suited 5 wrote a review about Concord Casino in Concord, NH

Awful room no parking

The food is the best part of this casino. The room in located in a basement of a sports bar and has tacky yellow painted walls. The cash games never seem to run, wonder if and when they might run a promotion? The schedule on the website and social media is from December, it’s almost March. The staff seems quite unprofessional. Management sometimes is wearing jeans and a workout shirt. Put some effort in. Most of the dealers are unskilled and don’t know some basic poker rules. Frequently dealers are on their phones while dead spreading at tables. I’m positive that they have a promo fund but my guess is that ownership will end up keeping the money when the place closes within 6 months. Roulette is limited to $5 inside bets, best house odds and no max bet? Never try and get overs, they insist on giving out all roulette chips even if you as the customer want cash chips. The phone number listed here isn’t even the casino, it’s the restaurant upstairs. This place is like a comedy show, the laughs just keep coming. If you want to see how not to run a poker room show up here. What a JOKE

Food and Drink

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