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DiamondDiva wrote a review about Coushatta Casino in Kinder, LA

Enjoyable place to play

Cruising Louisana getting ready to play some big tourneys there and was told to check this place out. I was overall glad I did.

One of the rough things about this place was just the location. It really is out on the middle of nowhere so it's a drive to get there. I can see how it would be discouraging to come here to play poker.

But I have to say once I got there and then actually got to the room, It's a pretty good place to play. Competition was beatable without being annoyingly bad and pretty friendly overall.

Room staff did a nice job and was really impressed with the servers. They took good care of me and kept me happy for sure. And thank God they had a good variety of places to eat because if they didn't you'd be stuck because once again - middle of nowhere so little options.

Promos were really good. I think they get that being where they are they have to give you incentive to come back so they do everything they can to set you up. Liked the gasoline promo - good call.

There's a solid amount of tables but game selection was a little limited though I supposed there's probably not a huge demand for mixed games. Tourneys are in the evenings which is ok but day ones would be nice.

Overall, it was a good room to play. If I lived here, I'd probably come down more. Enjoyed myself!

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JimboM wrote a review about Coushatta Casino in Kinder, LA


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