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penguinn wrote a review about Derby Lane in St. Petersburg, FL

Very poor - dealers berating players - Place deserves zero

Local guy in St Pete, played everywhere in Vegas when I lived there, so at first I was pleasantly surprised by the differences between a real poker room and one that was visualized by a company that raced DOGS for 95 years.
Just Visualize the velvet picture of the dogs sitting and playing poker and you will still be disappointed with what you get.
Here is my experience - evaluate what happened to me and see if this is the type of place you want to spend your money. If you have an ounce of self respect, consider taking your wagering a different venue, anywhere but the Derby. I hate to say that, cause I been a patron of there over the decades.
On to the story
I haven't played for more than a year due to Virus, after the Vax I "Felt" safe enough (bad table joke) anyways, it all started on Thursday when I thought I would head out.
Had a decent few hours but ending up losing my stake of $200 - oh well that happens to people all the time I go back early Saturday Morning 2am and stayed about 3 hours with the SAME result. Oh Well, you can loose or win in poker. NOW THE FATEFULL DAY - now keep in mind I am sitting and playing in the same room for the couple of hours for each of the last 3 days. When I sit and play I absently minded like to shuffle SILVER COINS THAT BELONG TO ME, in my hand. It sound better than the Plastic chips ( to me at least) after about 30 minutes the dealer calls the Floor and looks RIGHT AT ME AND SAYS, "ARENT YOU ONLY ALLOWED ONE COIN AT THE TABLE? (referencing card protectors - WHICH I NEVER EVER USE - SILVER COINS ARE FOR MY HANDS. I TOLD THE FLOOR THE COINS IN QUESTION ARE ACTUALLY REAL MONEY AND CAN BE SPENT, AND I AM SHUFFLING THEM IN MY HAND, FLOOR ADVISED NOT TO PUT COINS (real money) on the table an left.
I immediately asked the dealer "which was it , coins on the table or the shuffling sound?" He answered the coins "SOUND ANNOYING"
I said "Yeah, so is your voice, but I don't call Floor every time I hear you speak"
After telling the Floor the ENTIRE STORY, he looked at me and said no one should be abusing the Dealer
WAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my ears hurt from you shuffling those little silver coins in your hand and booo hooo hoooo I can't make you stop or take you money away from you, so I am gonna call Floor.

Food and Drink

Announcements from Derby Lane Poker Room

Feb Promotions

***Saturday Feb 24th 12pm-10pm $1,000 every 30 minutes with ROLLOVERS***

Daily Promotions In addition to the instant payouts
Monday-Thursday 1st-15th 12p-8p:
Grab Bag $214-$2,014 every 30 Min
Pocket Pair, Four of a Kind or better. $1 in JP will get 33%, $2 in JP will get 66%, $3 in JP will get 100%
When an amount is pulled from the bag,
it will remain out of the bag until a $2,014 is pulled. At that point, all previously pulled amounts will be put back in the bag.
-Friday and Saturday 12p-10p:
$400 + $100 Every 30 Min except Feb 24th

Instant Payout H.H. Paid During All Business Hours
1/2 NLHE win up to $300 with Star Power
Play 60 hours Sun - Thurs to unlock Star Power
Double Star Power Points Mondays and Tuesdays
See specific details

$1-$3-$6 $300-$1,500 Buy-in
$2-$5 $500-$2,500 Buy-in
PRIME NLHE includes:
$500 Instant Pay during all hours.
$1-$3-$6 and $2-$5 Play 50 hrs get $500
Redeemable the first of the next month
All promotions require the use of both hole cards. Pocket Pair Required for All Timed Promotions

$1-$3-$6, $3/hr food/drink comp redeemable in 5hr blocks. Food comp does not roll over to the next day.
$2-$5, $3/hr food and drink comp. Expires at the end of the following month

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