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dvpoker90 wrote a review about Dover Poker in Dover, NH

Terrible!!! please read the description!

"My experience". I travel all over and play live where ever I get the chance this is the only place I have been to that in the middle of a tournament they came and grabbed my chips and told me "your done". I thought they were moving me tables when they proceeded to tell me that I needed to leave.

Tournament was $100 buy-in, I bought in and busted so I proceeded to the cage to rebuy mentioned to the cage I needed to rebuy he says that'll be $100 so I paid got my ticket waited for a seat. After a bit I sat down played for another 2.5-3 hours knocked someone out and took a lot of chips from another player prior to them getting knocked out as well. That is when they came and grabbed my chips before I even realized what happened and the guy that took my chips was overly anxious to push me out of the casino for some reason. I'm not sure what happened however, they told me I wasn't allowed to rebuy and removed me from their casino I wasn't even allowed to play cash afterwards. Seemed quite fishy! The floor manager told me that there was nothing stating that you can rebuy and I stated that nothing shows that you can not on top of that the cage allowed me to rebuy. The biggest issue imo here is that after I rebought and played for hours knocked a guy out what about the guy I knocked out how is that fair to them? This place seems very scammy just want everyone to be aware of what happens here. Also, the players are ok if you study even a bit and play decent you will crush the average guys here. Be careful though between the scamming and who knows what else is going on here with the players and floor managers they are "buddy buddy" check it out for yourself this was just my experience!

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Announcements from Dover Poker Room & Casino

Thursday High Hands: 4pm-7pm $200/hr
Friday High Hands: 4pm-8pm $250/hr
Saturday High Hands: 2pm-6pm $250/hr

Bad Beat Jackpot currently at $37,014
Current minimum qualifying losing hand: AAATT
The minimum qualifying hand will be lowered at $38,000 and then every $5,000 afterwards.

The Bad Beat Jackpot is a table share and is distributed as follows: 60% to the losing hand, 20% to the winner, 20% to the table.

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