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morpmurf wrote a review about Encore Boston Harbor in Everett, MA

Hope but not ideal.

I usually play at late in night to avoid unbearable wait times. But still the waits are unbelievable. They have slot machines 20 ft from tables which is pointless because nobody uses them. They are understaffed a lot and beverage can take forever. Sometimes they are quick but sometimes you can wait over 2 hours... they dealers are ok, and by ok I mean you kinda need to watch them because a few seem to have very little experience and will mess up when it comes to miss deal rules side pots and legal raises. I don't mind helping out but I do like focusing on playing. I've seen the floor, be pretty rude to some people that were undeserving of that treatment which is not cool. You are an employee and people are paying insane rake to play. Nobody should be treated like @#$% (for the most part). Action is pretty standard based on when you go. 1/3 gets a scattering of annoying people that constantly miss raises or forget it's on them. Some players never shower. Also don't berate the dealers. But I did see one guy go all in for like $450 after check raising a $100 bet on river. The dealers didn't throw the all in button or make sure the action was known. The dude that was facing the all in had no idea what was happening because he had headphones in. So he's starting at the guy thinking when he put a chip in it meant call. So he turns over his full house and other guy turned over quads. Dude with quads realized he didn't get all the money and everyone began arguing. The dealers need to be more present especially in huge pots. Luckily quads guy was up a lot and didn't care and let it go. Long story short shower and don't be a @#$% - to all players. To encore- open more tables at peak hours. Staff beverage girls. Lower rake ffs. I mean at 1/3 $10 rake is @#$%. And train dealers better. It's not dealers fault, it's Encore cutting corners.

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