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Vegas56 wrote a review about Golden Nugget LV in Las Vegas, NV

beware of your safety

1st of all this did not happen to me I just happen to witness Sunday at the golden nugget. A dealer asked a player next to him to stop shuffling his chips, that he was being too loud. A few minutes later the same player is shuffling his chips again and the same dealer physically put his hand over the players hand and chips to force him to stop shuffling chips. Dealer got very rude and irate. For chips shuffling in a poker room, find a new job fkboi. The floor is called over, situation explained by the dealer about shuffling chips too loud. The floor pulls the player off to the side to say something to him. While he is doing that and away from the table, the dealer slams the deck on the table, stands up, and says with all of these shootings lately the last thing you want is a dealer snapping. WTF? Now im in fear of my life after this dealer basically just threatened to shoot up the place because someone was shuffling chips in a poker room. Floor was made aware of his comments and did nothing, just let the dealer keep working and jeopardize everyones safety. I just wanted to post this as a friendly warning. That includes warning golden nugget that they have an unstable employee working for them making threats of violence. Take heed


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