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ronjermy wrote a review about Golden Nugget LV in Las Vegas, NV

Cooler City

Tables were running with no shuffler. I know the deal with shuffle masters -- higher variance, and easy to slip in cold decks late night.

I opted for the hand shuffled "no max" 1-2 game.

First dealer pushed every pot to seat one. Older guy white hair, always looks like he's taking a deuce.

Second dealer pushed ever "bad beat" pot to another guy. The poor tourist made the nut flush on the river, but that gave the team-mate of the shady dealer a full boat. Quads over boats, etc... total bull donkey.

I noticed the dealer just "mooshed" the cards together, no real shuffle. You want to hear the cards shuffling, and you want to make sure the dealer doesn't pull back the shuffle using the mechanic grip. These guys just did the "clumps" where there are a group of cards simply never getting shuffled.

I did a seat change and took a hand or two off to mess up the first guy, @#$% from NY. The second shows up, and BAM I have ACES first hand. Keep in mind the new dealer changed the deck back to the old deck where seat one wins every single hand. Of course, he raises $20, I reraise to $50 and he calls. Flop is Jack Six Seven rainbow. I bet $100 with aces, he goes all in....

I know he has JAcks, told him he had the jacks.... but I needed to see if they were colluding and cheating me. Sure enough, he had them... It's worth it for me to report these slim to management and to post all over the web about this crap. They aint in the mob.... They are just cheats.

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