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Stoney1955 wrote a review about Golden Nugget LV in Las Vegas, NV

I was shocked

This was my first time in Vegas. I do most of my Card playing in the Midwest. It was an afternoon tournament day before Thanksgiving. The floor was totally incompetent, as were a couple of the dealers. They (Floor) never even walked over to the tables at all! When changing out dealers and they never let the next dealer know where the button was. One female dealer waited five minimum before she even raised the blinds. I always thought the floor announced this when blinds went up. Silly me I have only played in small rooms in Oklahoma Arizona and most of the card rooms in Southern California. The only dealer I felt was halfway intelligent was a young man with dark hair, I believe his name was r Shane, or could have been Shawn. I think someone should reevaluate Mr. Rich’s employment if he doesn’t have a better grasp on his poker room. Andy pull your head out. That said there are many other good poker rooms in Vegas I played at a few.

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