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caughtyoubluffing wrote a review about Golden Nugget LV in Las Vegas, NV

Now This is a Poker Room

Here is the only place where I have anything bad to say about the Golden Nugget. The poker room is beautiful but way to small and cramped. If you get seated at a back table, you can get very clostrophobic. The tables and room, however, are beautiful.

This is an easy place to win. They have their regulars that are waiting to pounce on the novices and some have a good tilt game. Most though, are just friendly, happy people there to have fun. At the 1/2 no limit game, if you are patient and not intimidated by the regulars you should do well. The limit games have a little more action here then at Binions so I would recommend this room for limit for sure.

The dealers at the Golden Nugget were outstanding. They didn't tolerate any BS from the players and they kept the game going smoothly. Very friendly, younger group of dealers.

Waitresses are fast and accurate. They do a great job and come around often!

This is where the Golden Nugget shines. The management is outstanding. I saw them escort out any player that made the game uncomfortable or unfriendly for anyone. They would kick you out in a heartbeat if you are there just to cause trouble. I've been to many card rooms that are so desperate for the rake, they will tolerate anything and let players abuse dealers and other players. This is not that card room.

Comps are excellent here. You get a $10 meal voucher for 4 hours of play. That's a free buffet! No player card needed, just tell the manager when you leave.

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cyd wrote a review about Golden Nugget LV in Las Vegas, NV


Major issues 1. Change boxes with rake money at 8 pm 2. Too cramped 3. Chairs suck 4. Poor dealers 5. Regular... Read More