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jbage007 wrote a review about Golden Nugget LV in Las Vegas, NV

Worst place to play a daily tourney downtown

Too @#$% crowded. Always bumping into chairs from adjacent tables. Smokers stand 3 feet from the tables - they might as well move the poker room out into the general casino area.

Low dollar games and low rate competition.

Just average. Most very nice though.

Somewhat sketchy service.

Horrible attitude from the day manager the day I played a donkfest there. I won, by the way, so I'm not railing management because of my results. But as unbelievable as it seems, they do not have a tournament clock and refuse to get one. They're using an egg timer or something from the check in desk which is not even visible in the room. Worse of all, I recorded at least 3 rounds where we got cheated out of time. I was meticulous with my iPod clock timer and knew the exact time, based on when the dealer started the round, but management obviously had a "different" system and didn't give a rat's @#$% about my concerns with the lack of appropriate timing of rounds. I mean seriously, how inexpensive would it be to get some tournament software and install it? They already have monitors all over the room. Inexcusable! Won't be back!

Comps? What comps? Why would they give comps? Unwitting tourists come downstairs and play no matter what. So why give comps?

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