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kaboojie wrote a review about GC Toronto in Toronto, ON

I've never felt so ripped off in a poker room in my life

As a poker enthusiast who plays 80-100 hrs a month, and who lives 45 min away, I don't think I'll be returning here anytime soon. Frankly, its cheaper to make the 4 1/2 hour trip to Playground in Montreal and pay for lodging/gas than it is to play here. Plus I feel appreciated when I play in Montreal. At Woodbine, I feel like I'm just one of a few hundred schmucks waiting around to pay top dollar for a lousy experience, and if I don't like it, too bad.

Most dealers (like over 90%) are new and very green to poker. Nothing wrong with that. Everyone has to start somewhere. However, it is very frustrating to pay 10%/$20 cap rake and watch these dealers make constant mistakes (exposing cards while dealing, not knowing the rules, dealing at a 12 to 15 hand per hour rate, turning cards over prematurely before the betting round is complete) Its like paying Keg prices for Tim Hortons level service.

Playground in Montreal charges less rake, provides complimentary food and drinks, and has a tremendous staff with a very customer-centric mind set. Woodbine doesn't even offer complimentary water. ($2.25 for a stubby bottle, $5.25 for Aquafina)

Like most Ontarians, I have been eagerly waiting for this room to open. However, now that it's finally here, the level of greed and gouging that's going is so obvious and frankly, disrespectful that I don't know if I will ever go back.

Very disappointed and borderline disgusted.

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