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FlashAllen wrote a review about Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, NV

Mixed Game Fun

Played last night at Green Valley in the mixed game tourney.

I thought the tourney could have been run a little tighter. Didn't think the tourney director was quite on top of things as he could have been. Not that he did a bad job or anything but with a small amount of tables a nice touch would have been going around to each table announcing game switches, bet levels/antes, etc. It did result in confusion on one table which could have been a real disaster. Seems like they're used to this tourney running itself.

One dealer did make a mistake and forgot there was a split pot game going on which could have been trouble. But otherwise the dealers did a great job running the games.

Service was good, staff and dealers were friendly. Room was very clean and looked great.

Had an interesting mix of players with a couple rookies causing some issues but with so few mixed game tourneys they have to go somewhere to play it. Most of the players were schooled up and helped out when needed.

Was a little disappointed in the turnout (3 tables) but if word gets around it could be come a pretty popular tourney. Probably wouldn't mind seeing another 1k-2k in the starting stacks but overall it was a fun time!

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