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RompAdonk wrote a review about Harrah's Cherokee in Cherokee, NC

WSOP Circuit is good here

In contrast to the regular poker room at this casino, which is very weak, has no live tournaments at all, and low stakes cash games, the WSOP Circuit events are really good. This casino set the attendance record for any WSOP event the first 2 times it was held here, and I think maybe the third time. The turnout was so high for the first year that they didn't have enough dealers and had to bring in blackjack dealers who never had dealt hold em, so it was sketchy on some tables. They have since gotten all that taken care of as now they know what to expect. This year will be the third year that they've had it, and compared to the several circuits across the country that I've played, this place is ranked pretty high as far as atmosphere and general casino atmosphere. The circuit is played in the arena upstairs right down from the poker room, and yes I do mean its arena sized like a pro basketball arena complete with a balcony so you can overlook the event if you so wish. Most of the WSOP dealers say that this stop is one of the ones they all try to attend. Harrahs is a very clean and somewhat new casino, especially from the renovations and expansions they did a few years back, so in comparison to some places that hold circuits like Binions, for instance, in Tunica, Cherokee makes that place look like a truck stop toilet. Theres PLENTY of room upstairs outside the arena, and lots of walking space. Brio restaurant is right down the way, and just outside the arena door is a long snack bar. They run sattelites 24-7 while the circuit is there, and cash games 24-7 as well, all live, mostly 2-5, and maybe a 5-10. The PLO games get crazy crazy action when it get to the wee hours, usually around 12-1 AM. They have a 2-5-25 manditory straddle game that regularly has 5-10K pots, and sometimes up to 25K. Lots of lesser known pros you've seen on TV play this circuit, and some of the younger ones stay for the whole circuit and play lots of PLO (since its bigger action and pots). With all that being said, and even with the better than average atmosphere, and even with me liking this circuit here, I still have to say that you can expect the same type donks playing this circuit as you see at the regular cash room, with some regular circuit players from all over showing up. I describe it as a $20 home game with 1500 players in it. Some good players...most average or below, and lots of them bad and clueless. Just $20 home game donks playing a $365 tournament. No idea of position, starting hand range, pot odds, implied odds, percentages....nothing. Don't expect any 4 or 5 betting here...don't expect getting re-raised from a guy holding AK...and don't expect getting a fold from a 60 year old man who made an ace on the flop. Overall I like this place as far as the circuit goes, its run pretty well, for the arena playing area, the overall wide open space, cleanliness and atmosphere, I rank it high. Some of the WSOP floor people don't have much experience, but not too bad overall. I got put out of a tournament for showing the losing hand that I never said "I call"...just showed my hand, they called the floor and the guy says "Since you showed your hand, that says you agreed to the action so that's a call", and they made me put all my chips in and get knocked out. WTF!!! Two people took my side stating that "he never said he called". I later contacted the WSOP circuit director, and he told me to tell him who said that and he would talk to him. He told me the decision was completely wrong, that I would have gotten a penalty at most, but would never ever would he put me out. He said at any time you don't agree with the ruling, you can call he director over. So....just a little info for anybody who wants to play this event. Don't expect to get a room here unless you reserve way in advance. The town of Cherokee is very small, but does have a few decent hotels across the street from the casino and down towards "town". You can always stay in Maggie Valley on the other side of the mountain, but those hotels are average at best. but theres plenty of them. At any rate, if you want to come and play at one of the best, highest turnout circuit events out there, look up the schedule and come on out. But just'll be playing in a 1500 seat home game. GOOD LUCK.

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