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IADaveMark wrote a review about Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs, IA

Good for the market

This is my "home town room" but I have played at a variety of places around the country. The room is big enough and comfortable to be in unlike some of the others of the same size. Thankfully, it is far enough away from the casino floor that you don't have to put up with the noise of slot machines and craps players.

Many of the regulars know each other (as it typical). Additionally, there are dealers who have been there for many years and know the regulars as well. It gives is a "hanging out with family" sort of atmosphere. There are a few new dealers who aren't as good for a variety of reasons... but that's often the case wherever you go.

The competition can be pretty good (one of our regulars made it to 11th in the 2108 WSOP main... and there are many that are peers with him). Obviously, there is no shortage of fish, however. (And I'm kind of fine with that, eh?)

The cafe across the hall has good food and, if you give them your table number, they will simply bring your food over to you when it is ready.

Sure, this is my usual haunt even with all my travels, but I would be fine playing here as a visitor as well.

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