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steve123 wrote a review about Hustler Casino in Gardena, CA

Why be so unwelcoming to new players?

First I want to say a few things so you understand where I'm coming from:

*Shaun Yaple, General Manager, is one of the best General Managers in the casino business. He's approachable and is willing to be open minded to make poker an enjoyable and safe place to be.
*HCL is an amazing show. There's nothing close in terms of providing poker entertainment and a good example of what poker should be. Have fun and compete for each others money without the negativity.
*there are many that don't understand that poker is supposed to be fun. You have to give action to get action. You don't need to take every little edge to beat players that your going to beat long term. We have to welcome people into the game for this great game to grow. Acting like robots and like you hate everyone is not a sustainable approach to this game. The folks you want to play with are not going to play with you. They play with me and players like me.
My review comments:

1-I've been there about 10 times in the last year because I was in the area. Every time I'm there to play 5/5 no-limit the vibe is so negative and almost dark. They make you feel like an outsider and the enemy. I know the Poker culture very well over many years of playing, but this place is another level of negativity that I don't see in other places.

2-examples of shady stuff: a-dealers flashing players mucked cards to some of the other Regs. Older player I know well that's been around over 20 years said that this is very common at Hustler. b-2 players that have a hand are discussing what they think I have while I'm also in the hand and dealer says nothing. This is what we call collusion. Other players have told me same thing. c-amateur player doesn't know how to protect his cards and other Regs there can see his cards and say nothing. They just take advantage of this player. I believe we should be honorable and let this player know that players can see your cards.

I expect nothing in terms of actions to correct it and I want nothing for sharing my thoughts with you.

My goals are as follows:

*poker needs to be a fun. That's the only way the game grows. It's a shame that you have the number one poker stream in the world and your success is mitigated by some of your 5/5 Regs. I'm not including the 5/5/10 players. Based on my limited experience they appear to be more focused on the game rather than trying to protect the game from outsiders and treating them like the enemy.

*I know many that started playing at Hustler several years ago and look back with fond memories. You should protect Mr. Flynt's legacy.

*poker, in a poker room or casino, should not be viewed as an exclusive club. If that's what they want start a home game.

*not everyone plays to make money to pay the rent it or side income. There are many that just love to play. To quote Alan Keating "your stealing other people's happiness ". Being negative, making it clear you are not welcome here, and the subtle and not so subtle nonsense at the table is going to mitigate some of the good things you are trying to do.

My advice:

You need to get some of these regulars more aligned with what you are trying to accomplish at Hustler. When you go to a casino or poker room a lot some folks begin to have a sense of entitlement and behave in ways that are counter to what's in the best interest of your business.

I play on a regular basis in other casinos so it doesn't effect me. In the future, when I'm in the area, I will just suffer through the traffic rather than going to Hustler.

I truly wish you the best. I spent the time to write this to hopefully help you deal with an issue impacting your business.

I will go back sometime in the future or ask others I know if anything has changed.

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