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JKLA wrote a review about Lucky Lady in Gardena, CA

Good For Hold Em & Tournaments

I appreciate this smaller local casino as they seem to be trying to do well for their customers since the pandemic shut downs where the bigger Hustler has really dropped the ball for regular players imo. Hustler has gone way downhill for all but the live stream big $$ cash players while Lucky Lady staff are friendly & fair. Tournaments are run well. They keep the place clean and even the ladies bathroom is kept clean which is important to some of us. LL still gives reward points for food etc where Hustler I guess decided they don't have to do that anymore. LL started back after the shut downs with weekly NLH poker tournaments way before Hustler & sent an email which is how me & many friends started playing there. LL had a fun Mother's Day tournament & does some nice promotions with free stuff for players. LL food is reasonably priced as is the store. Areas to improve are just having valet parking more consistently at night, it's a safety issue for women, more dealers for more tables at tournaments & cash games but that seems to be a post Covid issue of not enough staff. All around a great casino especially for those who want to learn in a friendly environment. I rarely see great poker players there but I've seen some good solid ones. I'm not playing high stakes.

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Daily Poker Tournaments
With over $50,000 guaranteed weekly, check out our new tournaments. Join us Monday - Friday for NLH at 1PM and 7PM and on Saturday at 3PM and Sunday at 1PM!
Daily Poker Tournaments
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