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pogues wrote a review about Maryland Live! in Hanover, MD

Fine enough but was very grubby when I went

Played a few hours of 1/3nl with a $400 max buy in the other night. Game was good overall, staff was nice if a little disorganized but it was a busy weekend night so I get it. More than enough tables and players - I got on the list with 22 people ahead of me and was still in a game within about 20 minutes or so.

I don't know if this is just a recent thing since I haven't seen any other reviews of this room mention it but the chips were *filthy*. I mean like genuinely disgusting. I have picked up change off the sidewalk cleaner than the entire four stacks of reds I bought from the cashier. Visible black gunk, badly chipped edges, some even stuck together when I tried to count them out for a bet and had to be peeled apart like the pages of a pubescent boy's @#$% mag. I would rather have played with literal cash on the table instead of those things. The room and table itself were not in great shape either and I'm confident from the condition of the vinyl that the chair I got was older than my car and had way more miles on it.

The entire rest of the property here is absolutely beautiful and kept immaculately clean, I don't understand why they won't invest a little bit in their poker room because it really seems to need some new chips, chip cleaning machines, and a refresh of some of the older tables. Mine was in awful shape and if it weren't for the expensive flush mount autoshuffler it would have looked right at home in someone's cheap stakes garage home game.

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