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vt2004rox1 wrote a review about Maryland Live! in Hanover, MD

Place to place in DC

So looking at the reviews I felt it was time for a newer review. I prefer MD Live so much that I'll drive 75 minutes instead of 30 to go Hollywood in Charlestown and pass MGM National Harbor on my way to MD Live. Don't get me wrong, I like MGM NH and Hollywood isn't bad until around midnight but MD Live has them crashed in promos. I'm sure if you're reading this you already have the Bravo Poker App but if you don't, get it. It will show all the promos taking place that month along with the tournaments. They usually run a high hand promo and it is great. Sometimes $1000 high hand every 10 minutes on weekends. Some time MGM has a better promo on a particle day and their tournaments can be pretty good too.

When it comes to game play, MD Live and MGM offer the same games and Hollywood has a bit fewer. The players are the big difference. People just don't lay down a hand at MGM which can be great but it can also be extremely frustrating (All-in preflop for $400 in $1/$3 with AA against AK and KK2 on the flop and the reason given was it was AK). Expect 5x or 6x raises preflop every hand, it's pretty standard. If you raise 3x or 4x, everyone is gonna call. Chargers are able on the legs of the table, might need a longer cord depending on where your sitting.

I haven't ever order food at the table and honestly, I rarely see anyone order food. Drinks do take awhile like some people have said. They have a soda machine right outside the bathrooms now which is great. Now I get up, stretch, use the restroom, grab a drink, and head back to my table.

My order would be
1. MD Live
2. MD Live
3. MGM
4. MD Live
5. Hollywood

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

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