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Johnmprince00 wrote a review about Morongo in Cabazon, CA

Exceptional Staff

This is my home casino so I am biased, but Morongo is one of my favorite places to be. What sets Morongo apart from everywhere else are the staff. Dealers are very friendly and professional. If you like promotions then Morongo is a great place to play, they have promotions going every day. For football they do 50$ splash pots for touchdowns and 25$ for field goals. They also have a beverage station where you can serve yourself. Most of the players are also very friendly and there's a lot less scumbags than the rooms in LA.

My only complaint is the cap for the 1/2 and 1/3. I personally don't like playing short stack poker. You will find more action in LA but on the weekend it gets wild here.

Food and Drink

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ggalen wrote a review about Morongo in Cabazon, CA

action central

The action here is literally incomparable. 5-6X opens even in 2-5 and then everyone cold calls. If you don't also... Read More

actionpak1 wrote a review about Morongo in Cabazon, CA


Everything about this place is hot garbage. No calling to reserve a spot on the board, you have to physically check... Read More

izzy5ohh wrote a review about Morongo in Cabazon, CA

it's alright

Set up is okay, dealers are good the front desk could be better, one unfortunate time I was there late and they were... Read More