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noblemin wrote a review about Morongo in Cabazon, CA

Poker horror story

I made this account specifically to tell you to avoid this casino.

I go all in for my last 40$ with K-9s, the enemy asks one of the *dealers who is currently working* if she should call or fold with A-Qo, and this dealer straight up tells her to call. This dealer, who is currently working, straight up tells her she should call. I have played a lot of poker at a lot of casinos and have never gone on bad tilt, but in that moment I was filled with pure rage. The floor ignored me when I tried to complain.

On top of this, the entire table will be speaking spanish the whole time, so if you dont speak spanish do not come here.

Food and Drink

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ggalen wrote a review about Morongo in Cabazon, CA

action central

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actionpak1 wrote a review about Morongo in Cabazon, CA


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izzy5ohh wrote a review about Morongo in Cabazon, CA

it's alright

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