Brando wrote a review about Naples Fort Myers in Bonita Springs, FL

1/2 Nit Festival

Dealers are nice, floor seems nice too. Never once had an issue with any of the staff and they are good at keeping this place in order. Staff gets 5 stars.

Players are an interesting bunch; this is what you'll see here.

Mary Lou buys in for the minimum at 1/2 ($50!). She comes during high hand so she can hopefully win it. She limps in every hand and even when she flops absolute gin she flat bets $10 during all 3 streets. She is very sneaky and hates it when the pot gets over $40 even when she has the stone cold nuts.

Jean Felipe walks in with his sun glasses on and his collar popped. I get excited cause I know action when I see it. Unfortunately, Jean only buys in for $50 at 1/2 which is hilarious since he still has his sunglasses on. He proceeds to jam every pair he flops and goes through the 2 buy ins he brought fairly quickly. The only action he got was from Larry (who i'll discuss later).

Gus plays nearly every morning at 9:45. He buys in guessed it - $50. Gus is in the big bind with aces and 8 people limp to him. So what does he do? He completes; no raises, just simply checks his hand as fast as he can. Not considering that aces play horrible 8- ways to the flop. Board runs out where 8,10cc wins due to an 8 being on the flop and a ten being rivered. Gus is so upset after he confidently slams his aces down thinking he was good. Says "I should've raised pre flop".

Then there is Larry. Larry yet again like all the others buys in with $50. He plays every hand but seems to win all of them. He raises but it's a min raise and he usually flops the near-nuts every time (K66 when he plays K6 under the gun). He now has $450 and thinks he's Texas Dolly.

A few recommendations. Ditch the $50 buy ins, it's poker; if people can only afford 25bb to play poker they shouldn't be playing poker. It ruins the game for anyone else who has a proper stack size (think, stack to pot ratio- SPR). Also, ditch the grey hound racing. Not only is it barbaric and senseless but It's beyond annoying to be sitting at a table where some idiot is too occupied with number 7 on the TV and not playing his hand. Lastly, level the place; it's an eye sore. Rebuild it into something that looks like it was erected within the las 10 years. This place looks like it hasn't been updated since the 70s.

If you're in Florida and want amazing poker action you'll have to drive to south Florida. Trust me, it's worth the 1.5 hour drive. The games are very soft at the hard rock and insanely soft at Hialeah Park. You won't be disappointed!.

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Announcements from Naples-Fort Myers Poker Room

A K Hit a Royal Flush with Diamond Big Slick and win $10,000 (all other Royal Flushes pay $500)
Tournaments qualify for High Hand ($300)
High hand every day from 9:45am - 1pm ($300-$700 every 30 minutes).
7:00pm - 10-00pm ($300-$700 every 30 minutes).

Every Wednesday of the month is High Hand every 30 minutes $250-$1,000 (9:45am - 1am).
EXTENDED HIGH HAND on Fridays $300 for 1-2 NL and tournaments and $700 for 2-5NL and higher.
First Friday of the month starts with a $10,000 guaranteed $185 buy in @ 7pm (all other Fridays are $130 w/ $5K guaranteed).
Fourth Saturday of the month has a $15,000 Guaranteed @12pm, $300 buy in. (30 minute levels, 25K chips).
New $300 buy in w/ $100 Bounty every Thursday night @ 7pm (25K starting stack)
New $5,000 guaranteed @ 12pm Tuesdays($225 buy in, 20K chips, 20 minute levels)
New Super Stack Turbo every Monday at 12pm. 12 minute levels & 50K starting stack!!!
New Super Stack Turbo BOUNTY Sunday's @ 7pm ($25 Bounties,12 minute levels & 50K starting stack)
Follow us @NaplesFortMyersGreyhoundTrack for the latest info on all our promos and events!!!!

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