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JFroelich wrote a review about Ocean's 11 in Oceanside, CA

Food Prices Doubled, No Good Promotions

I've played at Oceans Eleven Casino for the past 13 years. While I have been a loyal patron, I am considering playing elsewhere now for a few reasons:

1) The quality and selection of food has gone down tremendously over the years, and the prices have now DOUBLED. A burger that was originally free for 5/5 players, went to $5 (completely fine), and this year is now $10 (NOT COOL BRO!). The food quality does not justify the increased price, and neither does COVID. The selection on the menu is cut in half. There are no longer daily specials like the Portuguese Soup. Lita's menu items are completely off the list. What is management thinking here? I wish they would explain to their customers what is going on. The card room is now charging $1 for things like water, soda and coffee. This is unheard of in the casino world. These should be complimentary beverages to keep customers happy and coming back.

2) The promotions at Oceans Eleven Casino are horrible. Football promotions were terrible this year. Jackpots used to be progressive in the poker room, now stuck at $20k. However, we are still dropping the same amount of money, so where is all the extra money going? Right into the owner and management's pocket. Pure greed. There used to be drawings which would encourage players to play more hours, come in during non-peak hours, etc. It created an energy in the poker room that has been missing for over two years now. The current list of promotions is pitiful. What happened?

3) You used to have a couple of great poker tournaments per year like the CPPT and the WPT Deepstacks. What happened? Now you have dinky tournaments where you limit the amount of players even allowed to play in them? You are turning business away at the door. You need 2-3 big tournaments per year to draw in new players! Bring back WPT Deepstacks and CPPT, and maybe have a couple of 100k GTD events throughout the year.

So, with the keystone increase in food prices, the lowering of food quality AND the non-existence of promotions, where is all that extra drop money going? Shame on you, "owners".

I will say that I appreciate the hard work that the servers and floor men are putting in. I just hope management and owners get their heads out of the sand soon. You are losing clients left and right, guys.

My suggestions: Bring back progressive jackpots. Perhaps have a quads over quads progressive jackpot that can build to hundreds of thousands of dollars - so that people from other areas will come to Oceans to hit that big jackpot. If you are going to serve crummy food at high prices then just get rid of food in general. Otherwise, start carrying better quality or lower your prices. Have some REAL promotions like you used to - drawings every 30 min or 1 hour, with rollover so that certain drawings build into the thousands. Bring back some REAL tournaments instead of the $60 tournaments where you take ridiculous rake. Pay attention to Wynn's rake structure. Get rid of $1 drink charge. That is complete BS.

Food and Drink

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