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pike58jack wrote a review about Parkwest Manteca in Manteca, CA

will not be let down

This card room has the best weekday action around Northern California. This is coming from a player who enjoys traveling and playing a wide range of games (San Jose's, m8trix/bay 101)(Sacramento's Capitol, Stones, Lime Light, Thunder Valley, Red Hawk) and various others (Turlock, Jackson, Lucky Chances...)

My review is on their no limit action as that is my interest. This casino does run 3/6 limit and sometimes 4/8 Omaha h/l (with kill I think). It even has been getting a regular PLO game running (Wednesdays I think, but just call and check)

Without a doubt Casino Real plays way bigger then its game limits suggest mostly because of its no max buy in games. I have literally seen people buying in for 2k (this is pretty rare but buying in for 1k is very common) in a 1/2/3 game or watched 3 players all add 500-1000 on top of their 300-1k stacks at the same time.

Always excited to order food from their kitchen and have been given many free meals for playing in certain games. If you like scotch their offerings are amazing! Beverage servers can be a little lacking but hard to tell if they are just busier then I give them credit for.

Security makes itself very noticeable which I always want around any room I play. Haven't been mugged yet at any card room and avoid any that make me feel unsafe (looking at you lodi's wine country and hayward's the palace)

The regulars here are some of the toughest competition I've ever played as well. Playing super deep requires a different poker skill set then many of the other games around and these guys can challenge you in a way that is tougher then most 2/5 games and even some 5/10 games.

Biggest complaint I have is really not even their fault... if you go to play wait times can range drastically to get in the no limit games. This small card room in a smallish city in the California Central Valley mostly ever runs 1-2 no limit games on the weekdays. A seat might take over an hour to get but it is almost always worth it.

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