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dsatnton wrote a review about Poker House in Dallas, TX

This room is trash

This is a very nice room, however the GMs are complacent, and the dealers are incompetent. Dealers allow open discussion of hands while the same hand is taking place. Players openly show their hands to other players during hands. Players interject in pots to aid players when the players clearly don't understand the rules (example only showing two cards in a 4 or 5 card game). Dealers allow players to take their cards off the table. Some players are allowed to use chips off their stack to pay for time, while others must use cash or credit card. The wait staff comes around about once every two hours for drink and food service, or they just flat out screw up and forget your order. Often players that cash out from the biggest game in the room, are given small denomination bills (it's great to get 1500 in 20s after you bought in for all hundreds). Dealers are unaware of promotions and often can't answer players questions, let alone run a sqaure game.

This place will be lucky to be in business another 6 months. At least the bathrooms are nice and clean.

Food and Drink

Announcements from Poker House of Dallas


To our Poker House players.
We want to keep you informed as to what is going on. We recently were in court and it was ruled that we must shut down on a technicality over the Certificate of Occupancy; Poker House now has 14 days to file an appeal. If the appeal is denied, our Dallas doors will be closed midnight on May 31. We are asking that you continue to join us as we progress through this process. If we are to close we will find a way to make it right for all our players, whether that means giving refunds or creating a new place for you to redeem the time you may have already purchased.
The team at Poker House would like to thank you for your continued support in this matter.

Wed 5/24 at 6PM $15K GTD - $100 NLH KATIE'S GAME RE-ENTRY

Sun 5/28 at 2PM $10K GTD - $130 POKER HOUSE NLH RE-ENTRY[/b]
Mon 5/29 at 6PM $5K GTD - $100 NLH KATIE'S GAME RE-ENTRY[/b]
Tue 5/30 at 6PM $5K GTD - $100 NLH KATIE'S GAME RE-ENTRY[/b]

Tournaments with a guarantee, require 6 non-employee entries to activate. Tournaments without a guarantee may start with 4 entries. ALL tournaments waiting to begin, will remain open for 30 minutes after posted start time.

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