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Poker Royal is without a doubt the best poker social club in Houston. I’ve been to other rooms & they pale in comparison to Poker Royal. Members are truly treated like royalty earning complimentary dinner and drink vouchers while participating in various bonuses. Last weekend I won a logo T-shirt and was paid cash for having my aces cracked during a cash game!!!

Poker Royal Is also equipped with a full service friendly staff, knowledgeable dealers, on-site security and accommodating management. Floor managers address every situation with fairness and professionalism. I left late one night and a staff member walked me to my car until I safely drove away.

There is also a full bar, hookah, outdoor patio and restaurant menu featuring house favorites like ribeye steak, shrimp pasta, and specialty appetizers. I love their chicken kabobs!

Poker Royal is the largest poker room in Houston with 15+ tables, 30+ flatscreen TV’s that surround the room for those of you longing for some ESPN or NFL to ward off the boredom during stretches when all you see are hands like 3/8 off-suit for hours on end. If you’re a football fan, you can watch every game simultaneously while you shoot pool or play blackjack to earn seat time. There's a ATM in the lobby and the A/C is cold so bring a sweater if you plan to stay long.
Daily tournaments at Poker Royal are a little cheaper than other rooms but the payouts are similar and usually less than 2 tables entered. There is always a cash game and tables can be reserved for your own private games, tournaments or functions, large or small. Bigger tournaments are held once a month so It’s best to rsvp early to qualify for bonus chips.

For those like myself who played in their recent $20K tourney & loss, they offer free poker lessons which I plan to take to refresh my strategy and learn how to play Omaha, PLO, NHL, ROE.

I was surprised to learn Membership & seat rentals are the cheapest in town. During certain hours, those fees are discounted and often even waived! Unlike other clubs, I do not feel like just another number & seat fee at Poker Royal. Even though PR is a new but fast growing club, the atmosphere is comfortable and the staff knows you by your name.

Poker Royal is the place to be for all level poker players and fans. You never know who will be at your table because I sat next to a famous NFL football player and didn’t even know it.

I’ve been playing here since it opened one month ago & I haven’t met one person who hasn’t either won a tournament, cash game, bonus, or left hungry.

So if you’re looking to sharpen your Poker skills, double-up in a action cash games, or expand your network of friends, join POKER ROYAL.

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MnM wrote a review about Poker Royals in Houston, TX


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