PokerHolic2018 wrote a review about Poker Royals in Houston, TX

waitress is a B----

Hello All:

This poker Room is a diamond in the rough. It's new and I sincerely envy the gratitude & appreciation they extend to new their players. Like every new business, there are kinks that need to be iron out and in time, they will be resolved. However, the main reason for this review today is not to shed light on the reasons why everyone should give this place a try but to let management know as I echo others sentiments that a new waitress needs to be replace. I will show respect by citing anonymously that waitress "C" is an extremely rude server with little respect nor appreciation for customer service. I have experience first hand her lack of enthusiasm and basic menu knowledge. She seems always tired and in a bad mood (which is contagious) and not fitting of the upbeat management that employs her.

I've had this exact conversation with other players and in fact, "C" has earned herself a infamous reputation amongst other clubs in the area as a unprofessional asset to PR. Ive overheard her complain about tips, players, and even house dealers which in my opinion is deploying. "C" forgets orders and if she's tired, it's not the kitchen that's making your food wrong, it's her inability to make things right.

It is my review and belief if management hires someone who deserves and wants to work there (because there's dignity in anything you do) more players will feel comfortable. My advise to you is eat, drink, before you play b/c the waitress at PokerRoyal is 100% incompetent.
Hoping for a change ASAP!

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