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jmh49583 wrote a review about Red Rock in Las Vegas, NV

Worst Service, No Action, shady dealers

I can't overstate this enough: THIS IS A LOCALS ROOM. If you're not a regular, you are not welcomed.

TL;DR - The players are nits and give no action without the absolute nuts. There are teams that work together to isolate tourists. Dealers are rude, and do not count out bets unless you force them.

Story Time: Came in to play the $1/$2 asked for chips and immediately got a terrible attitude from their cage staff.

I was seated at a table with only 3 other players (all older locals) Then joined by 3 players that came in, all at once all wearing backpacks with headphones on, all in their late 40s-50s (more on them later).

Waitress came around and everyone got a round of waters. I asked for a Moscow mule, and from the look on her face you would think I asked for her to do a backflip. "Our bar isn't equipped for that. I can't bring you that. I can get you a Modelo instead." Shocking that their full sized bar couldn't make one mixed drink? She brings the beer and sets it into the cupholder in front of me. The beer tips over because the cupholder is comically small. I save the beer without spilling much and ask if she had a side table I could have. She said "they're in the back. That's not my job to bring it to you. It's the attendant's job to bring it to you." then walked away. 2 minutes later a floor manager appears and throws a towel at me and walks away.

Things did not get better from there ...

The locals that sat in together (headphones and backpacks) were clearly playing as a team to isolate non-locals. And every hand played against one of those 3 was a super premium. I can't prove it but I have a feeling there was signaling between the 3 to fold when one had the nuts.

Eventually I bust running top set, top kicker into a flopped straight. Immediately I put $300 cash on the table to rebuy, but the dealer skips dealing me in on the next hand. I say "wtf, where are my cards" and he said "you need to go to the cage to rebuy." Mind you, up to this point 2 locals had busted and bought chips at the table, no issues. When I get back from the cage (literally the next hand) he charges me a big blind to play when I'm in MP because I'm considered a new player after buying in again ... WTF.

Another thing that bothered me was that the dealer always counted out each of my bets, but locals would announce bets which were never checked unless I hassled the dealer to count it out. On 2 occasions a local's "announced bet" and actual bet pushed in the pot we're very off.

Clearly the locals are their preferred clientele and they couldn't give 1 duck about out of towners.

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OJPOKER wrote a review about Red Rock in Las Vegas, NV


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