Redbird's Hideaway formerly Hideaway Casino

Poker Tables:
7 Tables
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McLovin wrote a review about Redbird's Hideaway in Seattle, WA

Poker Room

Unlike most of the places around Seattle the Hideaway is just a Poker room. They don't have any other table games to occupy your time while you are waiting for a Tourney to start. So with that being said the players are here only to play poker. They usually have a Limit game and maybe a Omaha game going on. They have a couple of Tourneys a day. And they are usually over 30+ players with the evening games getting more and if you don't get there early you will be a alternate for sure.

The room is clean, some of the tables are worn down. The lighting is really good, no glare or shadow issues. They have these leather office type chairs, most are okay but some are broken and if you get one it can be a pain to sit in one for a hour or so.

They have a kitchen and bar but I have never ordered anything, the food looks good. I also have never heard anyone complain.

I would also say like most Cardroom's they have a strong core of regulars and they all seem to know how the other play too.

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RW wrote a review about Redbird's Hideaway in Seattle, WA

No headpnones

That's right, this place does not allow headphones. Was a regular a while back but this was a deal breaker for me.... Read More