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Azkaban00 wrote a review about Resorts World in Las Vegas, NV

plays like a backward Midwest reservation casino

I had been eager to play here since the casino opened and I had a chance. I won't again. The floor and dealers don't know how to handle players and tournament situations. For example, in the middle of live tournament hands, players active in the hand are opening berating other players, yelling at them how to play the hand. I had a players yelling at me I had to check. When he had live cards and another player also had live cards. He incorrectly was trying IN A LIVE HAND trying to tell me how stupid I was not to understand the equity jumps in a tournament by not letting him see free cards... when we are in the second level and nowhere near the money. Even if he were correct, and he was not, one cannot do this. The floor and dealer did nothing. Nada. No penalty, nothing. Overall, the players are rude (one guy kept telling another player to send his girlfriend -- present in the room -- to a strip club). A few seem to have read a poker book in 2004 and incessantly lecture others about how to play. Playing such terrible players would be great but for the fact the tournament I️ was at drew 12 players. What is the point to try to win $400 or so? I️ have played at a lot of mediocre poker tournaments and casinos. If you are in the middle of Kansas and the only game is the crappy Indian casino, that is what it is. But here one can simply drive a few minutes to the Wynn, Venetian, or any number of other casinos. Terrible, rude players and a staff too weak to create a correct, properly run tournament environment make this a pass. I️ suspect the tournaments will shut down soon anyway since no one is attending them. I️ know I won't again.

Food and Drink

Announcements from Resorts World Las Vegas


-By popular demand all cash games will be played 8 handed.

-Daily tournaments will run with a $160 NLH $3,000 Guarantee twice daily at 12:05pm and 7:05pm. We will evolve them based on player feedback, tell us what you would like to play.

-Rake on $4/8, $6/12, $8/16 Mix is 5%, $4-MAX
-Rake on $2/5 NL and $1/2 PLO is $1 at 10,30,50,80 and last one at $120

-Comp rate for poker is $1.50 / hour. Comps are seamlessly integrated into your Genting Rewards account. (Famous Foods coming soon)

-Tableside food now available from all outlets (business hours vary)

-Poker player room rate will be $99 Sun-Thu, $149 on Fri-Sat. Please use group code YYPKR at 833.930.3888 to book, average 6 hours of cash poker play per room night. These room rates are based on Hotel availability. For full details please see poker staff

-The most convenient parking for poker will be located at Hilton Hotel Parking on Resorts World dr. or the South valet, accessible from Goh Tong Way. The Poker room is located near the West side of the gaming area, closest to the Hilton Tower.

-Andrews video-
-Brads video-

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miserable regs

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Jawa wrote a review about Resorts World in Las Vegas, NV

PLO bomb pots

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