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luckyduckydan wrote a review about Rounders Poker in Spring, TX

Blatant collusion

My first foray into the Texas legal scene did not go well. I didn't get more than 5 hands into the main game here tonight without witnessing an act of collusion and cheating.

To the hand in question:

Button straddles $6. Both blinds call $6. Cutoff raises to $20. One caller in the small blind. Pot $52.

Flop KQ3r. Check check
Turn Qcc. Check check.

At this point, before the river is thrown, SB offers to chop the hand with CO. CO sort of shrugs and before committing to an answer, the dealer tells SB that he cannot do that because that is collusion. SB lays it on thick saying 'sure they can chop it's just the two of us' and rolls 45ss. Seeing SB's cards, CO shows AThh and throws them in face up. The dealer then chops the pot, giving each player $26.

SB is the obvious @#$% here, but my largest problem is with the dealer. He knew what was being requested was improper. He flat out told both of them 'no' and simply got steamrolled by SB. The answer here was so obvious and plain, but if you really weren't sure what to do, call someone acting as floor to make an actual decision.

I get it was a 50 buck pot and that I'm being a nit. But what happens when that same person shoots another angle and we're in for much more? Is the dealer just going to do what this guy wants just because he says so?

I won't be back. I would advise anyone looking for a clean, fair game to look elsewhere. How easily the dealer rolled to being told what to do is a strong indication that these are not fair games.

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teeH wrote a review about Rounders Poker in Spring, TX

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