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Mon-Wed:10am-3am; Thurs-Sun: 24 hrs
RiverKing1138 wrote a review about Rounders in San Antonio, TX

Club Rules Are Not Equally Enforced!

It's by far the worst run Poker Room in San Antonio where the club rules aren't equally enforced! Its management and staff are anything but professional. The dealers are poorly trained and not in control of their tables, allowing players to share hands, talk about the hands of each other, rabbit hunt, purposely expose cards when folding, be on the phone during a live hand, permitting players to speak to one another in a language other than English about their hold cards, and letting players take cards off the table while in play. The servers, chip runners, cashiers, floor people & security personnel are simply overwhelmed by the sheer volume of poker players drinking themselves to excess, and there does not appear to be a cut-off point in sight, even when a player is slurring their speech or falling down drunk; the alcoholic beverages just keep coming. Rounders Card Club on Colony Drive does little to make good on the promise to its club members of a safe, fun, secure environment in which to play poker. On the surface, RCC is a beautiful, spacious, action-packed card room, but once seated, it fails miserably to deliver on what the 26-page membership agreement expects of its club members and staff. I would rather make the 5 to 7 hour drive to the nearest Casino, where they have zero tolerance for bad behavior & the poker rules are equally enforced!

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Announcements from Rounders Card Club

We will be back HOME Sunday morning!
Cash games still running around the clock. Tournaments are back!!
Thank you for your patience and please pardon our dust while we complete our renovation in the coming weeks.

2pm $2,000 GTD Freezeout. $100 Total Buy In. 20K Chips. No Re Buys. 20 Minute levels.
6pm $2,000 GTD FREEROLL! w/$20 Re Buys.

6pm $10,000 GTD Big 50! $150 Total Buy In. 50K Chips. 1 Re Buy if Bust $125. No Add On

7pm $5,000 GTD Triple Treat FREEROLL. Re Buy up to 3 time anytime at 10K or Less Chips.

7pm $5,000 GTD Freezeout. $100 Total Buy in. 20k Chips. No Re Buys. 20 Minute Levels.

7pm $3,000 GTD PLO (Pot Limit Omaha). $120 Buy In. 15k Chips. $100 Re Buys if Bust. No Add On. 20 Minute Levels

7pm $3,000 GTD FREEROLL. w/$20 Re Buys.

2pm $5,000 GTD Big 50. $150 Buy In. 50k Chips.1 Re Buy if Bust $125. No Add On
6pm $25,000 GTD Accumulator FINAL FLIGHT! $45 Buy In w/$20 Re Buys. Day 2 is Sunday March 7th at Noon.
8pm $1,0000 GTD FREEROLL!

12pm Day 2 $25K GTD Accumulator (Must have qualified)
2pm $2,000 GTD Freezeout
6pm $1,000 GTD FREEROLL

All employees and customers are required to wear masks or face covering at all times when in the club.
Temperatures will be checked at the door, and all hands must be sanitized.
Sanitize/Wash your hands often

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