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brandon207 wrote a review about Rounders in San Antonio, TX

It's good but struggles in some areas

I realize this area isn't a Dallas or Austin scene so you kind of get what you can get in terms of places to play. I've played here probably 10 times and as another reviewer pointed out it appears like it's a place where dealers learn to deal. Nearly every time there are errors; not like big errors but small ones like: who's the button; giving back the wrong change when posting the blinds (or not giving back change), pushing the pot to the loser and not the winner, allowing players to string bet. Mostly just lazy oversight errors that add up in the long run.

Also, in the mornings the cleaning lady (who is very nice and works harder than anyone I've ever seen) literally vacuums the tables while cards are in play; one day she was vacuuming the full table I was at, players had to get up during play and remove their chips. I've literally seen players stand up while playing a hand cause she is vacuuming the floors under the table! This is a huge nuisance and nothing I've ever seen in any room - even a Texas room. This really needs to be addressed by management.

If you're used to a TCH or a casino then this will be a bit of a change. Still good action but just some nuances you'll notice within your first 3 orbits of play.

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Announcements from Rounders Card Club

$100,000 GTD Winter Chill starts Tomorrow! Wed. Jan 19th to Sun. 23rd. $200 Buy In. 30K Chips. 20 Minute levels Day 1, 30 Minute Day 2. 9 Flights to Choose from. 12% of the Field Bag & Cash. Return Sunday at 2:30pm. $20,000 GTD First Place Payout!!

Tuesday 7pm
$5,000 GTD Triple Treat FREEROLL! Re Buy up to 3 Times when at 12K or Less. Late Reg. 9:15pm

6pm $100,000 GTD Winter Chill! Day 1A. $200 Buy In. 30K Chips. Top 12% Bag & Cash. Return Day 2 Sunday 2:30pm. Re Entries allowed for $200.

12pm $100,000 GTD Winter Chill. Day 1B

6pm $100,000 GTD Winter Chill. Day 1C

12pm $100,000 GTD Winter Chill. Day 1D

6pm $100,000 GTD Winter Chill. Day 1E

8pm $3,000 GTD FREEROLL! w/$20 Re Buys. Up to 3 Times when at 12k or Less.

12pm $100,000 GTD Winter Chill. Day 1F

5pm $100,000 GTD Winter Chill. Day 1G

9pm $100,000 GTD Winter Chill. Day 1H. Turbo 15 Minute Blinds

9am $100,000 GTD Winter Chill. Day 1I. Turbo 15 Minute Blinds. Last Flight to make Day 2!

2:30pm Day 2 of the $100,000 GTD Winter Chill. Must have Qualified.

6pm $1,000 GTD FREEROLL! w/$20 Re Buys. Single Re Buys allowed when 12k or Less.

6pm $10,000 GTD Big 50! $160 Buy In. 60K Chips.

We are open 24/7. $1-2 NLH, $1-2-5 NLH, $5-5 BigO and $1-3 PLO run daily.
Full Bar & Grill served tableside. Earn $1 in Comps for every cash hour played. Comps can be used for Food, Barbershop & Golf Simulators!

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