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WichitaFish wrote a review about Sandia Poker Room in Albuquerque, NM

Visited for the weekend

One of the worst rooms I've been to in a while. I play quite a bit and travel all over to do it. The room is very dirty and dusty. I don't mind the players being as bad as they are, I just wonder how they are able to get as many chips on the table as they do. The 1/3 max is 300 and each night every player had $600-3k on the table and (as mentioned before) there wasn't a decent player to be seen. Painfully racked up and left after noticing a player go south. He had won a badly played pot for about $400. Looked over and he had one $200 stack. He had pocketed the green and over $100 in red. Asked dealer if they allowed it and she said no, but made no attempt to ask the player. I then asked the player and he said he hadn't. It was very obvious and even more obvious that the dealer could care less. I just left.

There were a few very good dealers and there were a few not very good dealers. One dealer misdealt 3 hands in a row. It happens and he finally got them out. Floor was nonexistent. I never once saw a floorman. I saw a beverage cart roll through. I chose a dr. Pepper in a cup. It was already watered down and it held about 3 sips.

I really have no reason to be in Albuquerque. Just thought I'd drive out and check it out. Next time I'll just drive through or around.

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