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geoduck wrote a review about South Point in Las Vegas, NV

Busy room on the weekend

Generally a good room to play. They were offering 2/4 limit, 1/2 NL, Omaha, and 2-6 spread which is an expanded selection since the last time I played there.

A lot locals that know each other and the dealers. Some tables very tight. Others not so much

Generally these dealers are competent and friendly. I did have one situation where the dealer moved the button past me. It was not caught until after the cards had been dealt.

On a Friday and Saturday night there was one waitress servicing 100 players. Most drinks took over 20 minutes to be delivered. Don't expect more than one drink every hour.

We noticed that the wait list was not often up to date. One list showed 4 players waiting but we were told that there was a seat available. Once I ask to be put on both the 2/4 and 1/2 list. A seat opened first on a 2/4 table. Two minutes later a seat opened on a 1/2 table. The desk got on the PA paging me while I was in a hand. It seem that most rooms keep track of their seated players.

I quick playing their morning tournament because they were not using the shuffling machines for the tourney. But, it appears they may now have changed that.

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

Announcements from South Point Casino

1/hr. comps.
$300,000 Spring Freeroll - Play 100 hours of cash play in our promotion-eligible games and qualify to play in our quarterly tournament where you can win up to $40,000. Get $200 just for qualifying and receive bonus money for every hour played over 100 hours. Tournament to be played June 10,11, & 12. Finals on June 13 @ 2pm.

Hometown Hockey - Select LV Hockey Games will see money cash drawings for scores and end of periods. $200 for LV goals, $100 for other goals. $100 at the end of period 1 &2. $300 for LV win. $599 for a LV OT win or $100 for a LV loss.

Hot Card April - Every day, improve with Pocket Fours & win bonus money. Flop a set for $75, Make 10s Full for $150, Flop 10s Full for $300, Make Quad 10s for $500 & Flop Quad 10s for $1,000. 50% payouts for all Omaha games for a full house or better. No payout for sets in Omaha. Stud payouts are now available: $50 for Three of a kind, $100 for a Full House, and $500 for Quads. (must have two Hot Cards down)

Instant High Hands - Instant payouts for quads ($50), Straight Flushes ($100), Steel Wheels ($150) and Royal Flushes ($250). Payouts for Hold’em, Omaha, and Stud. All high hands pay double between 10pm and 10am.

Bad Beat Bonus - $599 to the loser, $300 to the winner, $100 to each active player. Payouts for Hold’em, Omaha, and Stud.

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