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pokerbum wrote a review about South Point in Las Vegas, NV

Like playing in a home game

They have a beautiful new room with extremely comfortable chairs. Lots of space between tables. There is enough room for you and a sweater to watch.

With a combination of regulars and easy tourists, I found the 2-6 game to be one of the softest low limit games I have ever played.

I found the dealers to be fun and proficient. Unlike most dealers who just sit there and deal, this gang has some personality. Some were a little nuts, Frank is a lunatic from New York who quotes Rodney Dangerfield a lot. Perry had him square up a table. He walked over, stood between the five and six seat and yelled, "MOVE!". Nalani, another dealer, threatened to put "a beat down" on a guy. Nalani is 4'11", the guy was 6'5". This is why I felt it was like playing in a home game.

Beautiful cocktail waitresses. Very efficient.

I played during Scott's and Perry's shifts. Scott is very professional and nice. Perry reminds me of a game show host. He was helpful and professional, but it was hard to get the microphone out of his hands.

$2 an hour. Able to write a comp for an amount on your account. Not just round dollar figures.

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

Announcements from South Point Casino

1/hr. comps.
$300,000 Fall Freeroll - Qualifying from Sept 1 to Nov 30.100 Hours to qualify. $40,000 first place prize. $200 bonus for qualifying. Additional payouts for logging additional hours.

Big Money Games - Select NFL games will be chosen and award money after each score. A player will win; $100 for a field goal, $200 for a touchdown and for a safety 2 players will receive $500. $100 end of quarter payout and $200 if there is no score.

Countdown to Kickoff - Every Mon & Thu before/after the NFL game, we will award cash prize to random players playing in promotion-eligible games. $50/30 minutes from 8a - 9:30a, $100/30 minutes from 10a to 1:30p, $200/20 minutes from 2p to 3:40p, $250/20 minutes from 4p to 4:40p, $500 at 5:00p and $100/30 minutes after the game until 11:30p.

Hot Card September - Improve with Pocket Nines & win bonus money. Flop a set for $75, Make Nines Full for $150, Flop Nines Full for $300, Make Quad Nines for $500 & Flop Quad Nines for $1,000. 50% payouts for all Omaha games for any full house or better. No payout for sets in Omaha.

Instant High Hands - Instant payouts for quads ($50), Straight Flushes ($100), Steel Wheels ($150) and Royal Flushes ($250). Payouts available for Hold’em & Omaha games.

Bad Beat Bonus - $599 to the loser, $300 to the winner, $100 to each active player. Payouts available for Hold’em & Omaha games.

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