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DapPoker wrote a review about Sunset Station in Henderson, NV

First trip, worth stopping in again

The room itself is actually slightly above average and seems to be in a good location. The tables and the felts seem pretty decent. But, I have to give it a below average because of the chairs, which are old and uncomfortable.

The people who seemed like regulars at the $4-8 game were pretty standard and there were a number of relatively unskilled newer players during my session.

Saw 3 different dealers, all fine but 1 was very slow with the pitch

Would give the late night floor a 5. She handled a couple of drunks (also the newbies) well by being nice yet firm with them to keep them from getting out of line. Also asked the cocktail waitress to "slow them down". She called over the PA to try to get players in the room and probably kept the game going for a few hours because of it. The earlier shift was really mediocre. They seemed like they were just punching a clock and didn't impress me at all.

Standard Stations comps and a football squares promotion.

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