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Bloodrunken wrote a review about Sycuan Casino in El Cajon, CA

No Complains. Had a good experience.

Went in for the first time today, Sunday 12am.

Tables were full considering it was kinda late on a Sunday.

Wanted to get a 2/3 table and there was no wait at all.

Service seemed friendly and accommodating.

Was only there for about an hour.
Made some wins and called it as the table started to dwindle down due to some players busting and others moving onto the 5/5 table.
There was immediately seats available for a different 2/3 table but decided I had my fix for the night.

Competition didn't seem tough. Very loose players that play bad hands and call almost anything at the table I was at for the brief moment I was there.

Does have a bad beat jackpot which I found out hit that morning for around 35k.

Dealers are nice, will chat it up with you.

Some guys at the table ordered food and it smelled and looked pretty good!

Can't say much bout management, everything seemed fine aside from our dealer yelling out "CHIPS, SERVICE" for maybe a minute before someone came around.

Overall a relaxed yet action filled environment.

Oh and my favorite thing, not a single annoying slot machine sound. It's all tables here.

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