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javatarjpa wrote a review about Sycuan Casino in El Cajon, CA

Not so great.

First time in. Wait time wasn’t bad. Room looks okay.

That is about the last positive thing I have to say. The lady at the desk was “busy” on the phone and seemed really annoyed that she had to deal with me. When my turn to play came up, she was again “ busy on the phone” and still visibly annoyed that she had to pause her conversation to do her job. Told me to take a seat on three— and went back to her phone. I didn’t see any table numbering scheme and asked which one was three. She rolled her eyes and pointed. I asked chips at table or cashiers cage? She let out an exasperated overly dramatic sigh— and grunted table.

Starting off on the right foot!!!

So I get to the table and everybody knows each other and from the very first hand it was apparent soft play was the order of business between all these clowns. Made flush vs Boat — flush bets the river, boat says “Mark, I am gonna let you off easy” and does a flat call.
At least I figured out what the @#$% was going on early.

The dealers were slow and non communicative. One older dealer exposed so many cards on multiple hands, I was beginning to think it was intentional. I was doing pretty good so I stayed late. When the dealer shift change happened, the late night guys were absolutely terrible. Mis reading the cards. Flipping cards face up when dealing. Not giving correct change from the pot. After an hour, I took my winnings and walked.

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