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Globalranger wrote a review about Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, AZ

Great room with really nice regulars

Out on vacation in Scottsdale and I stopped in Talking Stick 3 mornings during the week. No trouble getting a seat, though the game they spread is $2/$3 with a $300 limit. Not a lot of $2/$5 bigger buy in except on weekends, and the rake on this is $4 plus $1 to the bad beat/promo fund. Anyway, the dealers were welcoming, the players had decent table talk going, no real pains or rowdies, just good solid play. Lots of set miners and flush finders with any two suited and any pairs, but if you push hard preflop and make them pay, and if you are a good read post flop then you can do really well - I was up about $100/hour over 23 hours. Key also was a few loose bluffers who started out as LAGs, but quickly tilted and kept rebuying. anyway, nice spot, free coffee, good waitresses, solid dealers and they run your cash in for chips which is nice, too. Strongly recommend it.

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CMN wrote a review about Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, AZ

Don't Go!

There’s bad and then there’s terrible. This room definitely is terrible. Used to be one of my favorite poker rooms to... Read More