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UrbanTrading wrote a review about The Gardens in Hawaiian Gardens, CA

I feel bad writing this but it's the truth

For those that know me from my years at rounding local LA tournament poker, it's me Cam, the tall asian/white dude in the flipflops with the messy hair that always has a beer(s) in his hand. I have found the gardens to be a fair casino since they reopened after covid. However my experience yesterday (10/21/2023) was completely the opposite. I participated in their $250 buying 25k guaranteed tournament and was unfairly penalized during the final 13 players remaining. The player in question starred me down after beating him in a hand and when I looked back at him after 30 seconds of acknowledging him glaring at me through my peripherals, he asked "what was I looking at?" in an aggressive tone. I then rebuttaled with a smirk remark as well which caused said player to call the floorman over. There was only 6 players at the table and only 1 player witnessed the comments said (big hand was being played). Many of you know Sam, the older asian dude with the scars on his face (was the one that witnessed what happened), lied to the floorman (I was on his right with the biggest chip stack[angled me]) and as a result I received a pretty bad penalty which made me sit out 7 hands when everyone had 10Big Blinds in a crucial spot in the tournament. I still final tabled and cashed (8th), so this isn't because of any other reason besides this kind of corruption should have not be tolerated by our scene. For those that know me, trust me everything I said is true. My LA tournament poker volume is near 6 figures a year, I don't think I'll back. I'm in good relationships with Cedric (BBB Poker), Jim the Mayor, and John if you want to ask for a reference. I have a positive track record with every LA casino except crytstal(no poker). You can ask any floorman

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Best place

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