The Linq Hotel & Casino formerly The Quad / Imperial Palace

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5 Tables
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TwoArrhhzz wrote a review about The Linq in Las Vegas, NV

Was so surprised by the IP, Love it!

I could't give it a bad because it would hinder my overall score too much but its probably bad. Dirty old table's chairs and chips. Atmosphere in the day time is chilled and friendly at night is drunk and funny.

Only played $1/$2 in March 2012 played around 40 hours maybe more at all different times of day. I would never think to play in the IP, but stayed in the hotel so gave it a go. Couldn't believe how many people just wanted to give your all there money! MBN. On a 10 handed table 80% would be terrible and they only got worse the later at night it got, mostly drunk!
Terrible players, lots of action. Shame its moved location when i return :(

Im going to give average, not many mistakes, some friendly some not. some quick and good some not.

Attractive hmmm, if your about 40 and like that kind of thing then year but not giving marks for it again. Seem very hard working, didn't mess up any orders that i see. Pumped the fish full of liquor quickly can't fault them. They probably don't have 1863 malt scotch but i don't drink and what they gave them done the trick!

Yeah liked the manager dude, was friendly, social honest and encouraging. Think they do a good job of getting people to play and starting games which can be tough in a 1-2 table room. Organised freeroll well, mostly really friendly. Could of give excellent but is management what you look for in games?

$5 cap is high! & $1 Jackpot Drop. comps were standard $1. $1.5k freeroll was ok if you can get up at 9am on Monday which i did once and was good quick and easy. Worst high hand bonus had aces and kings cracked in the morning. Below average

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