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LVG wrote a review about The Lodge in Round Rock, TX

Not worth it yet

If you are impressed by guys that play on YouTube it might be worth the money but I don't like your paid for time rake being burned off your card if you're not on a table playing. It's very inefficient but it does give them more of our free money. They charge $10 an hour just to walk in and stand around. I was told next month they will clock you in at the table and you will only be charged while playing but until then it's a bad scam. I don't like the "fees" aka dead money you pay as it is but scamming fish that don't know any better is wrong. To many rooms to get scammed here like that. They should charge $10 an hour but give 2 to 1 in time to help with their inefficient system they have in place to scam more money. Is this an honest oversight new to the business mistake or just part of their long con? Someone should bring this up to their management in person today. If they are unaware and make changes by tomorrow then it's forgivable. If they keep stealing free money off their players cards by burning time like they do know then what other scams are they doing? Buyer beware

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  • Hi LVG. We are always willing to work with our players when it comes to paying a fair amount for time played. If you waited a long time for a table or forgot to clock out, for example, you just have to let our front desk know and you will pay the correct amount. It happens all the time -- just communicate with us and you will walk away feeling like you were treated fairly.

    The new system we will be implementing in the next month or so will smooth out this process as well. Regardless, if you compare the $10/hour fee to casinos that take rake (usually $6/pot) from the table, you will find that you are actually paying far less per hour to play.

Announcements from The Lodge Poker Club

Come play at the best card club in Texas! Known for big tournaments, thriving cash games, and a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Open 24/7! There's something for everyone at this social club in Round Rock, Texas, just outside of Austin. 3+ tournaments every day and cash games all day and night! See full list of upcoming tournaments

No hourly charge: 8AM-11AM ON WEEKDAYS!


May 18 at 12:15PM: The $40K Guaranteed Art of Poker ($250 Buy-In)

June 2 at 11:15AM: Ladies $25K Guaranteed Tournament ($300 Buy-In)

August 1 - 12: The $1 Million Guaranteed Mega Monster ($400 Buy-In) - 25 Starting Flights, $250,000+ FIRST PLACE PRIZE!

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