Poker Tables:
6 Tables
Closed (12:00pm - TBD)
Minimum Age:
12:00pm - TBD
5:00pm - TBD
1:00pm - TBD
1:00pm - TBD
1:00pm - TBD
1:00pm - TBD
12:00pm - TBD
barneb wrote a review about Tri-State in Henderson, KY

Good for Ohio Valley Poker

Experienced management. Good dealers (especially for a new room). Decent location right on "the strip" in Henderson. Decent selection of snacks and drinks (free with membership). The club "ambiance" is not going to blow you away, but the walls are lined with TVs to watch. The tables are nice, chairs are "ok" for most of the room. The main table seemed to have better chairs but I didn't get to try them out. For the game I was in, the dealers kept the game moving. My only complaint is that they run ten handed, which makes for a tightly packed table which can get uncomfortable in a long session. Any opportunities to play poker in the Ohio Valley is a good thing, and I hope this room does well.

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

Announcements from Tri-State Social

Updated 4/8/24 Current Bad Beat $20,915

Monthly Promotions
Hourly Rate now is $10.
Any player who plays in a tournament gets a free hour of play for that day.
Early registration bonus for those that enter and are seated by tournament start time.

Ring Events
April 10K GTD Hold Em Event Aug 25-28
Day 1A Aug 25 @4PM
Day 1B Aug 26 @4PM
Day 1C Aug 27 @12PM
Day 2 Aug 28 @12PM


1/3 Hold em @1PM
Monday Night $65 No Limit Hold’em @6PM

1/3 Hold em @1PM
10/20Omaha HI Lo @1PM

$30 NLH Tournament @1PM
1/3 Hold em @3PM
2/5 No Limit Hold'em @6PM


1/3 Hold em @1PM
$2/5 Bomb Pot @6PM

Thursday Night $65 Freezeout No Limit Hold’em @6:00PM


1/3 Hold em @1PM
10/20Omaha HI Lo @1PM
Friday Night $35 Mini Bounty No Limit Hold’Em @ 7:00PM
10,000 Chips ($5 additional 2500) 15 min levels with Rebuys $30 registrations closed after 1:40 Hours.


1 3 Hold em @1PM

1/3 Hold em @1PM

1st Sunday of the Month $160 Tag Team Tournaments 30 Teams Max @ 2:00PM
20 Min Levels $50 Rebuys Reentries for the first 3:00 Hours.

2nd Sunday of the Month $110 Bounty Tournament with $25 bounties @ 2:00PM

3rd Sunday of the Month $100 Deepstack Tournament @ 2:00PM

4th Sunday of the Month $100 Freezeout @ 2:00PM

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ish1 wrote a review about Tri-State in Henderson, KY

great room

played a couple times and will be back to play again. New player or seasoned you'll find a spot just right. Busy when... Read More

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I've played there several times. Dealers are five star. Nice tables and great atmosphere so anyone would be... Read More

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MaxLe wrote a review about Tri-State in Henderson, KY

good place

Very friendly and nice place. Best dealer....1/3 , 2/5 and tournaments awesome. If you guy love poker this place 1st... Read More

justin7607 wrote a review about Tri-State in Henderson, KY


I'm new to playing in this kind of setting and I love it. Dealers are fast but patient with the new guy. It's a club,... Read More

Mike11248 wrote a review about Tri-State in Henderson, KY

Mike W

Very nice place all good people would recommend to all poker players. They really go out of there way to please. All... Read More

MPKai wrote a review about Tri-State in Henderson, KY

MP Kai

Nice place to play. Dealers were good, staff very welcoming. Players were respectful, really good flow to the... Read More

conraddy wrote a review about Tri-State in Henderson, KY


Place is a nice place to play with good competition and good people. I think it will keep getting better the more the... Read More