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Snoopy68 wrote a review about Watauga Social in Watauga, TX

Special exempt , don't care , payoff??? what's the law

I was under the impression that all legal poker clubs are BYOB. So my question is, how do they get around the law by serving hard alcohol and beer to their customers. I witnessed this myself and you can see from the other reviews on here that they were served as well ! Reference 1 of Chongback's reviews .
So what's the law or are they exempt ?

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  • Hi Charlie Brown, you are correct. We are a BYOB and according to the city of Watauga law because we are a Private Social Club, we do NOT need any permits or license to provide complimentary alcohols to our members. And of course YOU have witnessed this yourself as you were an employee of ours until we terminate your employment with us on 01/20/2022. We wish you the best in your future endeavors.

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