Poker Tables:
7 Tables
Open Now (12:00pm - TBD)
Minimum Age:
10:00am - TBD
12:00pm - TBD
12:00pm - TBD
12:00pm - TBD
12:00pm - TBD
12:00pm - TBD
10:00am - TBD

Played some NL Hold 'Em tournies here a few months ago. I was looking for a place with a buy-in in the casual range (i.e. $30-$60). Harrah's was my previous go-to for this kind of relaxed tourney but they shut down their poker room after Covid.

The management was nice, and I found the room to be comfortable. Drink service here is an issue; it's just too slow even with the caveat of being free.

The biggest drawback was the prize payout. The entry fee was $35 and re-buy was the same. One night I came in tied for 2nd place but had to re-buy so was in for $70. There was admittedly a small number of entrants that night (maybe 15 or 16) but the 2nd place prize ended up to be only like $86 (the guy in 3rd and I did chop the 2nd+3rd but our combined pie really should have been bigger). That's just a razor-thin margin and not worth the 3-4 hours of play if you end up in any cash position other than 1st. If you check the buy-in details the deduction is really high so this made sense when I consulted how much they hold back for the house, but even still, that's a really light payout.

Finally, this needs to be said: one of the dealers here, a short guy in glasses named Norberto, is not fit to deal cards in a poker room. He was unprofessional and making mistakes constantly. He'd forgot to deal you your cards and, when questioned about it, would claim you folded them. He's a bad liar too which just makes the whole thing worse. Maybe he's still here; maybe he isn't. But at some point, keeping people like this around makes your operation look bad.

Food and Drink

Announcements from Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

Football square is back! Get a football square for Flush or better(both cards must play and must be a winning hands)Each quarter is seeded at $50,and cap at $500.
ALL STAR BONUS CARD is back by popular demand. Promotion start at 2 pm-2:59am from Monday to Friday. 12pm-1:59am from Saturday to Sunday.

Our Bounty Tournament is a $65 buy in. Each Bounty is worth $20. There will also be an optional $25 add-on available at the end of level 4 ($25 for an additional 20,000 chips). Come join the fun!

Our $45 Tournaments on Fri. (1:05pm & 7:05pm) Sat. and Sun. (12:05pm, 7:05pm) have an optional add-on. It is available at the end of level 4. $45 gets you an additional 30,000 in chips. You must have chips to get the add-on!
Come visit each Thursday at 2pm. You can meet The Trooper97 ( Vlogger) from 2pm til the last player leaves.
Our Weekly Loyalty Promo! Play 25 hours live game get $200 , Play 45 hours live game get $ 400 from Monday 10:00 am till Monday 9:59 am .(To be paid Monday Eve After 4 pm)
Comps are $2 per hour. Promos: Quads=$100, Straight Flush=$200, Royal Flush=$400!

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